18tyd is behind newest HTML games for Nestle (United Arab Emirates). Thanks Nestle !


Very simple yet fun app and an excellent way of practising manual skills by encouraging children to stay with the lines. App has vast choice of different mazes from simple for young children to intricate mazes for older children. Each maze includes two related objects. The user has to drag the object placed at the starting point through the maze, to reach the related object.  Mazes increase in difficulty with each level, so there is always a new challenge to master!


Wonderful game for preschool kids and toddlers. The user has to choose the board he wants to complete  and put the puzzle pieces together to discover the hidden picture. The app contains three levels: dinosaur world, farm world and the forest world. Each world allows us to complete from four to five different jigsaws. When a puzzle is completed, the player can see the name of the animal and is rewarded with a „celebration” screen.


The tangram is considered to be one of the most popular and challenging dissection puzzles in the world. The aim is to compose a specific pattern using all tangram pieces. Our App is carefully designed with three levels of difficulty to fit child’s age. The easiest tangram has three pieces, while the hardest tangram has up to eight pieces. Once the level is chosen, the child has to put all tangram pieces together to discover the hidden shape.


Match is a fun, interactive, engaging and valuable game to entertain and educate pre school children. Carefully designed for young ages, this game is filled with exciting activities throughout all stages. There are three different difficulty levels: easy-pairing animals, medium- pairing animals with their shadows and hard-pairing animals with the items they fit in. The fun matching activities help improve visual perception, knowledge of shapes & develop fine motor skills by dragging and dropping pieces of the game.

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