The app was created for Nadec, the largest producer of dairy products and fruit juices in Saudi Arabia. It features three main modules: the products section, store section and coloring section. All of them use Augmented Reality technology.

The product’s segment entertains kids during their breakfast. When they point smartphone at a carton of milk or any other product by Nadec, they will see a magical Nadec world, for example cows eating grass around the carton or Captain Nadec landing on their cheese spread. In selected stores there were special stickers which customers could point at. While pointing at the stickers, one could see a life size cow on the screen. There is also a possibility to take photos with the mascot and share on social media. The last section of the three, coloring section, allows to print coloring pages. After coloring these pages and pointing at them with the smartphone, colored characters come alive colored in the way as they were colored on the paper – children could see an astronaut in space or meet a dairy princess.

  • Country:

    Saudi Arabia

  • Category:
    • Mobile
    • AR
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