Touch-e Play is one of the first coin-operated game automats which enables to play using only motion and gestures in a completely touchless system. It has a built-in coin validator that allows to charge players for the game but it can also be deactivated, making the game free. Under 47-inch monitor there is a motion sensor which tracks player’s movements and transfers them onto the screen.

This automat is delivered with „Fruitology”, the dedicated game created by our experienced team. In this game player becomes a ninja warrior whose task is to cut through the fruit tossed in the air. Ninja’s blades moves are exactly the same as players hands moves. Ninja’s shadow is displayed on the screen enabling player to control his movements and to aim precisely. The game features Touch-e tracking module detecting passers-by. When a person appears in sensor’s field, eyes of the ninja are displayed on the screen and follow this person in real time.

After person’s detection, the motion sensor encourages them to interact using visual and sound effects, for example warrior’s voice coming from the speakers, saying: „I have been watching you and I know you want to play this game!”

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