The app was created for Bakoma yogurt campaign. The main character of the app is Kłosiak, the friendly oat spike who reacts to users’ actions, such as shaking, turning and tapping the device.

If the user turns the device by 90 degrees, Kłosiak pulls out a pillow and falls asleep. When shaking the device, the character holds to the edges of the screen in panic and tries to keep balance. If the user blows on the screen, Kłosiak loses grains and makes a sad face. Tapping on the screen tickles him and he bursts out laughing.

The app also includes an augmented reality module. After scanning the lid of the yogurt, animated 3D Kłosiak appears on top of it and one of six 7-second long animations is displayed, showing the character in different situations, such as blowing a kiss or holding a bouquet of flowers. The app also enables users to take photo of the character or even to take a selfie with him and enter a photo competition.

The user can also play two different games within the app: Bubble Shooter and Follow Me. The point of the former one is to connect bubbles with matching colors to make them disappear. The latter is based on the Snake game, where the user collects yogurts that make the snake grow.

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