We provide augmented reality based solutions for mobile devices, websites and big screens. We link the real world with reality generated by the computer, creating stunning and intriguing results. Thanks to our technology, every advertising message draws the viewer in and encourages them to have fun and interact with it.

The idea of the AR app is based on so-called markers or targets. The algorithm analyses the image from the phone’s camera, searching for a mentioned marker, which is a predetermined graphic image. It can be any graphic element, e.g. a photo of a product. Once the element is detected, the algorithm determines its correct coordinates and starts mapping the image. This allows for displaying previously prepared 3D or 2D objects in a realistic manner and engaging the user in interaction.

Scope of our services includes creative concept and support at the design stage, as well as implementing it on selected advertising medium and technical support for the duration of the project.

We have a vast experience in concepting and creating AR apps and games. Our clients include such brands as: Nadec, Bakoma, Visa, Timberland and many more.

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skype: 18tyd.com