Who we are?

18 Till You Die is a dedicated team of people developing interactive technologies based on touch, motion and gestures. We create games for mobile devices as well as VR and AR headsets. Our experience in game development, paired with the best render engines and newest technology, allows us to continuously bring to life elaborate stories! We are proud of our relationships with clients and the trust they place in us. Coca-Cola, Kinder, McDonald’s – those are only some of the brands we have the good fortune to work with. They value our fast-paced development work and flexibility in terms of budgets and timeframes.

Go ahead and leave us a note! We’ll get back to you with a plan on how to utilise our experience in creating successful stories for your benefit!

Why us?


unique skillsets & worldwide experience

attention to details

top designers and development team

What we can do

tell you what can be done and what not (honesty first!)

help you with blueprinting your game from scratch taking you through all stages of the development by hand

take care of an A – Z development and suggest the best marketing strategies to apply

prepare the top level marketing campaign with bloggers, Youtube, Adwords, SEO, targeted messages, and more